Written by Wohl:

Side Quest: A Journey to Utokia

The magic begins in an indoor forested ecosystem that’s tended to by Holly Hillyer. Every day, she steps into full-body protective coveralls like a scientist ready for beaker wizardry. While the humans sleep at night, the plants thrive under beaming, full UV-spectrum lights atop rolling irrigation benches she designed and welded. Every detail of the plants’ lives is curated by Hillyer’s years of experience and passed-down knowledge from her parents.

Drag Yourself to Saucy Saturdays – Green Eugene

It’s the second Saturday of April, and Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” cues after anticipation. Stage lights shine to frame a frantic queen, rowing as fast as she can with a super-sized, inflatable joint as her paddle.

Carmela La Madrina is the Mother of it all; she works an adult day job, pays taxes and loves her children like anyone else. Her children, of course, are her chosen family living and thriving under her roof of The Elusive Haus of Indica.

Settler Cannabis: a Book Preview with Dr. Kaitlin Reed – Green Eugene

“I never had any intention of writing about cannabis,” Dr. Kaitlin Reed, assistant professor of Native American Studies at Cal Poly Humboldt, said. “I can’t wait to not be the weed person.”

For Reed, it’s as if there was no choice in writing about cannabis. As a Yurok and Hupa tribal member witnessing environmental violations in ancestral territories and throughout U.S. history, Reed saw the urgency and concern over landscape devastation paired with the current lack of critical analysis. Modern cannabis cultivation and the market it drives are built on the same foundation of exploitation of Indigenous people by white colonizers as seen with other natural resource industries such as gold, timber and fish.

A Very Green Eugene 4/20 Playlist

The lighters are lined up ready for work, the glass pieces are prepped, cleaned and loaded, and the yellow dandelions are dancing around your blanket anxiously awaiting for the event to begin. Snacks ranging from mouth-watering hot chips to perfectly ripe mangos coated in Tajín chili lime seasoning are ready for indulging. For many people, it’s just another day in April to have resin-drop lips and smoke filled lungs; but for others, it’s a grand excuse to get medicated far beyond a reasonable am

Growing at Home: The Second Season

In our last harvest issue, I provided an overview of my first successful Oregon grow with Jack Herer as my chosen child. This season, I doubled up on plant bodies to care for. It was Mother’s Day weekend, the prime time to plant outdoors, when my Jedi Master grower friend Alan helped me adopt two sisters of the same strain: Purple Punch.

The visual cues between the twins made it difficult to know who’s who, so I named them Agatha and Beatrice. Figuring only one symbol of identification would su

Budtender Spotlight: Corey Yula at New Millennium

How long have you been in the cannabis industry?

I’ve been working at New Millenium for the last two years. Before that, about three or so months working for a farm that my friends had just started. So it was early plant development and setting up the framework for how they were hoping to have things run.

Do you think those three months at the farm prepared you for working at a dispensary?

Definitely. It kind of gave me the knowledge to know what it looks like on the farm end of things. Any f