Ever since the baby teeth started falling out, Kayl Wohl has been an imaginative and curious storyteller driven by community, compassion and connection. People and subcultures inspire Kayl as they strive to provide space for voices underrepresented in media, including BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks. Kayl's recent work in cannabis journalism serves as a stepping stone toward their overall mission to ethically produce stories that are accurate, educational and engaging. Kayl was the editor of Green Eugene, one of the nation's few independent, student-led cannabis magazines delivering local readers with professional journalistic stories. Under their editorship, the publication saw its first state-recognized awards, including their feature on Black Market BBQ (as a vegan!) and best overall editions. In 2024, Kayl's story on Utokia Farms won first in the state for best feature story in the 2024 Collegiate Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association contest. Kayl prioritizes shining light on the troubling issues of federal illegality and its consequential disproportionate criminalization of nonviolent cannabis charges for people of color. Kayl centers conversations around destigmatizing the plant that brings medicinal, recreational and cultural significance to the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon communities and beyond. 

As a former educator in the Environmental Leadership Program, Kayl led lessons to 5th-8th grade students about climate change, wildfires and ecology. Their teaching philosophy embodies curiosity, constructive mess-making and welcoming new challenges. It wasn't long until Kayl began to miss the classroom and began leading the young minds of the future as an instructor at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, Oregon. They curated curricula for individual children's interests for summer classes and private lessons. With sustainability still at the heart of their work, Kayl implemented recycled mixed media art projects while applying principles of environmentalism to assigned art projects. 

In Winter 2024, Kayl graduated from the University of Oregon with concurrent bachelor of science degrees in journalism and environmental studies. 

When Kayl isn't writing or editing, they can be found wheel-throwing pottery, hugging Douglas fir trees or practicing vegan recipes for their dream restaurant. 

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